Play Windows Steam Games on Mac OS

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00:19 – Install Porting Kit
01:15 – Launch Porting Kit
02:01 – Locate Steam installer
02:20 – Install Steambuild 64-bit/D3d11 (for 64-bit) or try Steambuild 2 (for 32-bit)
03:21 – Launch Steam from ~/Applications
03:44 – Login to Steam account
04:37 – Click Store and locate games to install and play

More details about this video:

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to install Steam for Windows on a Mac M1 64-bit system, in order to play Windows games available on Steam. This requires Mac Catalina or higher…

If you aren’t sure if your Mac is 64-bit then check your system as follows:

1. Click the Apple menu
2. Select “About This Mac”
3. Click “System Report…”
4. Under “Hardware Overview” locate the “Model Identifier.” It should be something like: MacBook5,5 or similar.
5. Search Google for hardware specs on the model you have.

If you are still on a 32-bit Mac then you will be able to follow these instructions but select “Steambuild 2” instead of “Steambuild 64-bit/D3d11”

A couple of notes:
1. Some Steam games might not work on your system even with this build
2. When you install a game using PortingKit, it creates a standalone application that can be deleted at any time. It does not install Windows on your system.

If you have issues with specific games then you might be able to get help from the PortingKit forum. They address issue in the builds based on input from users, so I strongly recommend you visit their form if you have issues that can’t be easily resolved here by accessing their website:

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