Minecraft Live Stream – 2022-04-14

Minecraft Live Stream - 2022-04-14

Today I’ll be playing Minecraft on Lush Survival SMP. If you’re using Java Edition you can give it a try using IP: play.lushsurvival.net

To join : /party join BearcatJamboree
To use party chat: /pc
To teleport: /ptp

Let me know in the live stream chat if you’re interested and I’ll look for you to join.

I try to interact with everyone that watches my channel, so feel free to say “hi” and I will try my best to respond.

If game chat or live chat gets busy please don’t take it personally if I’m slow in responding.

Chat rules:
1. Be respectful to others.
2. No Inappropriate Language
3. No link, channel, or product spamming

WARNING: Posting racial slurs or threats will result in being blocked from chatting on my live stream in the future.

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/bearcatjamboree1

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