How to Install Mineimator for Windows on a Mac

Today I’ll show you how to install Mineimator for Windows on a MacOS system. This video requires following step-by-step so be sure to pause as needed. Also, the following two links will be beneficial:

00:22 – Download Mineimator
00:44 – Install Wineskinery from HomeBrew or download DMG
01:45 – Create blank wrapper
03:30 – Install Mineimator into the blank wrapper
04:00 – Launch Mineimator
06:34 – Unlock the full version of Mineimator

To download Mineimator go to:

To download Wineskinery:

This process should work on all 64-bit MacOS system. The system used in the video is MacBook Air M1 if you’re wondering…

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