Edit Your Videos Using My Code

In this video, I’ll demo how to use a series of Python programs and shell scripts that I wrote for performing the following video edit functions:

1. Remove background music (previously rba)
2. Remove vocals (karaoke)
3. Jump cut videos using volume level
4. Jump cut videos by matching a template photo
5. Jump cut videos based on facial recognition
6. Jump cut video using volume level and template matching
7. Jump cut video using volume level and facial recognition
8. Change video aspect ratio
9. Change video volume level
10. Compress audio file (using video or audio file)
11. Convert video format
12. Create animated GIFs
13. Create pencil sketch video
14. Create vintage-style video
15. Crop video to desired size
16. Cut video from start time by duration
17. Cut video from start time to end time
18. Extract audio from video
19. Extract images from video (1-per second)
20. Flip video horizontally
21. Flip video vertically
22. Generate speech from text (experimental)
23. Generate video subtitles
24. Get YouTube Transcript
25. Burn Subtitles From SRT
26. Mirror video horizontally
27. Mirror video vertically
28. Plot video frames
29. Remove audio from video (produces soundless video)
30. Remove video background (experimental)
31. Resize video (aspect ratio retained)
32. Rotate video clockwise
33. Rotate video counterclockwise

01:01 – Remove background music
02:50 – Audio jump cut
06:00 – Change video aspect ratio
07:00 – Change video volume level
08:06 – Convert video format
08:46 – Create animated GIFs
09:40 – Compress audio file
10:48 – Create pencil sketch video
11:37 – Create vintage-style video
12:36 – Cut video from start time by duration
13:19 – Crop video
14:12 – Extract audio from video
14:42 – Extract images from video (1-per second)
15:28 – Flip video horizontally
15:54 – Flip video vertically
16:12 – Mirror video horizontally
16:32 – Mirror video vertically
17:02 – Rotate video clockwise
17:18 – Rotate video counterclockwise
17:34 – Resize video (aspect ratio retained)
18:58 – Generate video subtitles
21:06 – Remove audio from video (produces soundless video)
21:45 – Plot video frames

You can download the project from my GitHub at the following URL:

I’ll publish another video in the near future explaining the steps to follow to setup PyCharm and my code, so you can do video edits with Python and shell. If you’re an advanced user, then the documentation at my GitHub repository is probably sufficient.

Please consider liking and subscribing if you find this helpful. Also, comment on what you might want to see added to the these tools and I’ll try to add more feature in the future.

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